Birettas & Poison

Good evening and welcome to my blog.

I would first wish to apologize to those certain people (you know who you are) who think that blogging is the Devil. I will be the first to admit that blogging is one of the greatest scourges of our time. However, I am horribly bored this summer and I felt this would at least be an amusing way to spend some time.

Now, for the rest of you tuning in I feel an explanation is needed concerning the title of this blog. Most of you know me and know my tastes and opinions. One of the reasons I picked the name is because it incorporates two of my favorite things: clerical headgear and Masterpiece Mystery(!). It also helps that I happened to run across a picture from a sacristy in England that had the label “Birettas & Poison” on it, a picture that now graces the top of your screen. It is not meant to be morbid, although I foresee a murder-mystery of the same title, but merely something I found amusing.

The purpose of the blog, as I hinted at above, is to relieve my boredom this summer. If it keeps my interest then I’ll continue it into the fall semester. I’ve been sitting in the house with most nothing to do for some months now and, at the encouragement of some friends, decided this might help make things interesting. It follows then that this blog will be dedicated to my interests, ravings, hobbies, life experience, blah, blah, blah. I don’t presume that anyone will care or give credence to what is written here, and actually I applaud them for dismissing my blog entirely. Why? Because, in the words of one very wise friend, “no one cares what you think.

Soon I will commence in writing posts in earnest but, for the moment, you will have to do with this mere glimpse into the inner workings of my mind. And then, when you’ve recovered from the shock and horror of it all, you might stick around and continue reading.

I will let you know some of the other titles of this blog I had come up with that I rejected either because, A) I thought them stupid or, B) they were just not fun. At first I tried to somehow combine my occupation as an organist and seminarian but the best I could come up with was, “Bellows Thy Tender Mercy,” which is a pun that should immediately be chopped up into little bits, burned, and thrown into the Bosphorus (or Tiber depending on your allegiance), and whose memory shall be blotted out forever. After that little disaster there was; Sacristy Shenanigans, Deus Vult, A Modern Auto de Fe, Tu es Doofus, The Grand Ophecleide, and Planet Greece: An Antiochian’s Tale. None of these particularly struck my fancy but perhaps someone else will deign them worthy for use.

Well, it seems to be 1 a.m. and while that is quite an early bedtime for me I think it’s time to end this post. And so, I bid you a good night and pleasant dreams.

6 thoughts on “Birettas & Poison

  1. Excellent first blog to my Eastern brother.

    However, perhaps there should be a little more space between “Sacristy Shenanigans” and “Deus Vult.” Just Saying. :-p

  2. Yes there are times when boredom overtakes the mind and spirit. The resulting action, though sometimes destructive, may also achieve a more noble and commendable result. Contemplate, pray, help another human being. Simple, profound truths are often hard to gauge or measure by intellectual methods. However their imprint is left on the soul. Thanks for your edifying blog.

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