There & Back Again: A Subdeacon’s Tale

Dear Readers,

It has been approximately four months since I last posted here but now I’m back!  For a time at least.  As I said when I started this blog I only did it to relieve the boredom associated with school breaks.  Well, I’m now on Christmas Break and I thought it appropriate to revive this baby for a few short weeks.  I do apologize for not posting at least something in between then and now, I did mean to.  But such it life.

Quite a lot has happened over these four months, too much to write down and I highly doubt anyone would be much interested in the vast majority of it.  But I’ll touch on the highlights with a some articles that have almost nothing to do with me, how exciting!  You might be thinking, “My, my, how did I ever survive without the pearls of wisdom that just endlessly come forth from this blog.”  In actuality you were probably relieved to not hear my drivel.

So, now that we’re all reacquainted, let’s get this started.


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