Our Lady’s Dowry: Ely, Day 5

A shot from a few days ago, looking down from lantern tower into the nave.

I am so very tired…  But still having a great time!

Therefore, I hope you’ll permit me to keep things very short and sweet.  this post will be mostly pictures.  Everybody loves pictures!  Right?

Today was a sort of “down” day for me, I stayed around the cathedral and hotel for the day as I was a bit tired and felt like being boring.  We’ve had a few people getting sick, including one trip to the ER in Cambridge very early this morning, everything is all right now, thankfully.  But I made sure to light a candle for everyone in St. Etheldreda’s Chapel during my usual pre-rehearsal sojourn in the cathedral.

It was a dark and stormy morning so the light wasn’t the greatest but it did allow for some lovely photos none the less.  I started in the nave and worked my way around the church and whiled away the time before rehearsal, which went quite well despite the fact that we were missing some of our favorite singers who weren’t feeling well.  After rehearsal a group went to a military museum that houses airplanes from WWI and WWII and another group went to the stained glass museum and then shopping.  I, however, being an 80 year old in a 22 year old’s body, decided I would sit and read my Cadfael novel (Monk’s Hood, if you were wondering which one) in a comfy location, which I did.

I had a very late lunch, went to rehearsal, sang Evensong.  Evensong was delightful this evening, even though we were missing a few members who were still recovering.  We sang the Tomkins Preces and Responses again, the adults sang the anthem Now Sinks the Sun by Horatio Parker, the a Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis setting in G by Standford (one of the choristers, Ryan, sang the solo and was outstanding while  Taylor, one of the basses, sang the other solo and did a fantastic job).  Our tour organist, Ross Wood, outdid himself yet again with one of my favorite pieces of all time: Maurice Durufle’s Fugue Sur Le Nom D’Alain Op.7 .  After Evensong we ate one of our hotel’s usually yummy dinners, and now am trying to stave off sleep because there is this bass thumping from someone’s room (all the room’s have stereos in them) and I won’t be able to sleep with it going.

Now for the pictures, I hope you enjoy them.  I’ve also created a Flickr photo page for all of my photos so that those of you who do not have Facebook can enjoy them!  Here’s a link to that: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianabo/

View from the west doors.

The nave ceiling.

The darkened Quire (as they say).

Looking up at the altar cross in the St. Etheldreda shrine behind the high altar.

Good night!

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