Our Lady’s Dowry: Chichester, Day 3.1

Stylized portraits of all the bishops of Chichester

So it’s getting rather late here in Chichester, I just wanted to pop in and say I’m alive.  Today was a very long day.  We had rehearsal this morning which consisted mainly of new psalm setting singing.  Then we took the coach to the museum which led directly to Evensong, dinner, and our celebratory dinner.  It was marvelous!  We went to the Portsmouth Royal Navy Museum and I got to explore the HMS Victory, so awesome.  It was so weird to stand on the spot that Lord Nelson sent the message, “England expects that every man will do his duty.”  Definitely one of the highlights of the day.

We also got to see the HMS Warrior, which was also decidedly cool.  There were a number of rather awesome things we got to see, all of which I’ll relay in the coming days.  Tomorrow we head back to the States, I’d kind of like to stick around but duty calls, I suppose.  I am definitely ready to have a break from singing daily Choral Evensong, it is rather draining.  It will also be nice to see my family and friends again, even if it will mean I will miss everyone here.  Our little community has just finished an amazing feat, one which we will all treasure.

I’m still kind of sick, by the way.  I forced myself to sing through Evensong tonight as it would have been just one tenor in the whole of Choir II and that just wouldn’t do for our last night.  So I made it through somehow, but my throat is not feeling better.  I can’t wait to see a doctor about it.

Last night I was commissioned to write a “silly” psalm setting for a group of singers to perform at tonight’s party.  It was a smash!  I didn’t have a lot of time to write it (took me about 2 hours, all together) and would have been better if I didn’t have quite the same deadline and length limit.  Videos were taken so I’m sure I’ll have a recording of it up on here in not too long.  I really must commend the singers of the new “psalm.”  We hadn’t rehearsed it, and they had to decipher my terrible handwriting, but they did a mighty fine job.  So, a big thank you to Margaret, Henry, Taylor, and Sean!

The evening ended with the singing of the Our Father, in a setting by Richard our choir director, and it was really wonderful.  What made it more special was that it was sung entirely from memory and was really quite lovely.  If you’d like to hear it, you can find it halfway through the Chichester Choral Evensong III video.

Well, with that I think it is time for me to close this post and wish you all a pleasant evening!  Benedicamus Domino.

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