One Wedding and a Forgotten Laptop

So I’m sitting in my hotel room at the Antiochian Village Conference Center after a wonderful Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the St. Peter & Paul Chapel here. His Grace Bishop THOMAS served along with six priests and with Dn. Steven (one of my fellow seminarians at Holy Cross). My classmate, Rassem, lead the chanting and because of my lingering illness I managed to do the lowest ison of my life. It was grand!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping chant and sing at the wedding of two of my good friends, Sarah and Philip (another one of my fellow Antiochian seminarians). I grew up with Sarah at her dad’s parish, my home parish, in Lawrence and I’ve known Philip for about a year, ever since he started at Holy Cross. It was so wonderful to see them married! The wedding itself was beautiful, it was held in the St. Ignatius Chapel at the camp part of the Antiochian Village. It was a little weird having it there for me since I spent about 9 summers in that chapel during my time at the summer camp. Anyway, it was awesome. And the reception was fun, especially the Little Russian customs that were continued just like at Sarah’s parents’ wedding.

So, now we come to the second part of the title of today’s post, I forgot my laptop at home! I realized it halfway to Pennsylvania so it was too late to turn around and get it. In the same bag was my breviary and books so I have no way to say the daily office and nothing to read during down time this week. I’m staying at the Antiochian Village for the Antiochian House of Studies which is a seminar series with classes and other fun things that all the seminarians of my archdiocese are required to go to. So luckily I have my brother seminarians to hang out with for the week. Next week I’ll be staying here for the first week of the St. Stephen’s Course summer course because they have a Western Rite section that I want to go to, since I’m at a Western Rite parish.

So that’s what I’ll be up to, I’ll continue blogging throughout these two weeks. There are computers in the library so I can use that, although this post was written entirely on my iPhone (please excuse any typos, the keyboard is tiny).

One thought on “One Wedding and a Forgotten Laptop

  1. Ian, it was wonderful to get to see you yesterday. I really wish it could have been longer. I wanted to meet Rassem and to get to know Fr. Paul a little better. (Also, I wouldn’t have minded being introduced to archvillain extraordinaire John Daly.)

    My goodness, I didn’t know you were going to be down there so long. Maybe I’ll get the chance to come down and see you again while you’re there. It’s a long drive, but not so excessive that I’d absolutely rule out making it.

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