Quote of the Day

So if I have convinced you of anything, O servants of Christ, who are my friends and fellow heirs, let us while there is still time visit Christ in his time of need, let us care for Christ in his sickness, let us give to Christ to eat, let us clothe Christ in his nakedness, let us do honor to Christ, and not only at table as some did, not only with precious oil as Mary did, not only at his tomb as Joseph of Arimathea did, he who has a half follower of Christ, not only showing him honor with gold, frankincense, and myrrh, as the Magi did…but let us honor him because the Lord of All will have mercy and not sacrifice, and goodness of heart above thousands of fat lambs.  Let us give him this honor in his poor, in those who lie on the ground before us this day, so that when we leave this world they may receive us into the eternal dwelling place, in Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom be glory now and unto ages of ages.  Amen.

-St. Gregory the Theologian, Homily on the Love of the Poor, 16


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