Off to Rome!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things.  Of saints and popes, of lunatics, of pasta sauce and kings.”  Well, actually, it’s time to resurrect my blog to chronicle the adventures of myself and three friends as we travel to the Eternal City!  God-willing we will be there for 11 days over spring break, enjoying the sites and sounds of that great city and making pilgrimage to the tombs of the great saints buried there.  As a fan of history, especially that of the Roman Empire, this is an exciting opportunity.  And, of course, I cannot forget to mention the restaurants and various markets.  We have an apartment so there will probably be some cooking going on.

I credit my going on this trip to Divine Providence.  I would never have been able to go if it wasn’t for the goodness of an anonymous benefactor, so please keep them in your prayers.  And please keep us in your prayers as we travel!  Four seminarians going on a trip together, what could possibly go wrong?!  But, I think we will make out all right, through all your holy prayers.

There will be plenty of pictures and hopefully a post or two per day depending on how things go.  We’re planning on hitting up the Orthodox churches for Divine Liturgy on Sundays and on the Annunciation.  Spend a day at the Vatican Museum, another seeing the Colosseum and the area around there, the Papal Audience on Wednesday.  And we’re hoping to attend 1st Vespers for the Annunciation on Thursday night.  I will be hitting up Gamarelli’s as well as a few other shops in the “clergy district.”  I am in need of a few items and there is no better place to get them than Rome itself.




One thought on “Off to Rome!

  1. Ah, Ian. The Eternal City! And yes, although I was anticipating your call all day, I missed it due to blasting of Prairie Home Companion joke show. I’ll be ready tomorrow. Eating leftovers from The Olympia. Dunc and I went there last night. Thinking of you as I watch the Supermoon rise. Glad to see you blogging again. I’m anticipating the updates and pictures.

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