Back in the Saddle (Again)


“Now that we come to the light of evening…”


It appears that the last time I posted on here was in… well, it was 2 full years ago.  So much has happened since that post, sitting at Il Piccolo Diavolo cafe on the streets of Rome.  So very much.  I’ve continued my career as a seminarian, only now at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in New York, and I’ve been to lots of different places and meet many new friends along the way.  This blog started out in 2009 as a way to pass the time while bored during a summer break in college.  Since then, it’s morphed into something of a travel blog, with some asides about topics that interest me.  Just the other day I was talking with someone about blogging and remembered, to my shock, that I had a blog.  Yes, I had actually forgotten about this; the Lord, “took it from my mind.”  So now that I’ve looked back to those first posts and posts along the way, I’ve begun to realize just how different I am from when I posted them.  In fact, I’d forgotten about many of the things I had posted about.  I had also forgotten how much I loved writing, and forgotten about how immensely funny I am…

So, as an exercise in writing as well as an exercise in sticking with something for longer than  is convenient or interesting to me, I’ve decided to start regularly updating this blog with all sorts of things.  I’d like to keep a travel aspect alive (since I often find myself traveling to unexpected places), as well as to write about seminary life and the different things that might interest you, dear reader.  

Admittedly, it is kind of funny that I decided to start blogging again at the beginning of Lent, what with the need to quiet down and get more focused on Christ and my spiritual life.  Hopefully, this will be an exercise in a type of discipline that will be beneficial in other ways, as well.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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