Quite the week


The last few days have found the dorm without a reliable internet connection, and sometimes no connection whatsoever, which has forced me to take an unexpected and unwanted hiatus from the blog.  It seems it’s back for the moment so I’ll take advantage of it working.  I’ve also been exceptionally busy this week so that’s put a cramp on writing for the blog.  This week has also seen two ordinations to the diaconate, both at hierarchical celebrations of the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.  I’ve never actually seen a hierarchical Presanctified in person, nor an ordination at one, so this was a good learning opportunity.  It also allowed me and the others to spend some time with our bishop, which is always a good thing.  

I led the Byzantine chant choir at the Presanctified on Wednesday evening at which one of my close friends was ordained a deacon (AXIOS!), and Saturday morning I led the Byzantine choir in a celebration of the Divine Liturgy in the seminary chapel for the final Soul Saturday of Lent.  Both involved a lot of work, but went off without a hitch thanks to my awesome brother seminarians.  Friday saw the second of the hierarchical Presanctified Liturgies, this time in the seminary chapel and presided over by the primate of the OCA, Metropolitan TIKHON.  Add my schoolwork to the mix and it equals quite the week.  

Now that things are sort of settling down again, regular blogging will recommence on Monday.  Anyway, it’s late and I need to get some rest before Liturgy in the morning at my parish assignment so I shall bid you all a good night.


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