I am a 4th year undergraduate seminarian attending HC/HC in Brookline MA.  I enjoy books, music, old movies, new movies, Law & Order, and a nice tawny port.  I’m an organist, singer, subdeacon, and sometimes sacristan.  I thank you all for reading and hope you’ll come back for more.

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  1. I linked to your blog via Father Peter Preble’s website and I started looking at from the beginning. I am very interested in your recommendations on Western Rite Orthodox music. I am currently in an Eastern Rite church and have learned to appreciate its music. I have a master’s degree in music performance (flute) and I sing in the choir at my church. However, I must admit I miss the Western music and really have a long way to go to learn more about it. I was not raised in a liturgical church, but I am trying to learn more. I would love your recommendations on where to get started. I listened to the Howell piece you recommended on the first page – powerful piece! I usually like Faure and even a lot of John Rutter, but I need to learn more about the earlier composers. It might be that I am lacking because I was not a vocal major in college. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you.

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